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The keyword dams and refurbishment, most tend to think about the roof, the exterior walls and the windows. Despite its small area ratio but also doors contribute a significant proportion to the thermal insulation of a house. New doors cheap property also visually.

Must they always be replaced, or are there other good measures for thermal protection? Read more in our guide.

The guide around doors

Is it worth investing in new doors or can the old be rehabilitated enough? Are there legal requirements for thermal insulation of doors? Is it enough to renew the seals or to install thermal curtains? As I Lacquer a door right? Compliance doors from Poland to the German quality standard or are they cheaply produced commodity? What to consider when buying? We answer these and other questions in our guide.

New doors

The front door is the calling card of the house. But they should not only meet aesthetic requirements, but also energy efficient, sound insulation and be protected against burglary.

Insulated doors contribute significantly to a pleasant living environment. however, old doors are often made of unsuitable material, in particular as regards the glass inserts. They also usually do not close off properly and let heat escape. With new doors can save heating costs, the CO2 emissions reduced and comfort increased. Not least by the standards of EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance of the Federal Government) to comply with and to increase the value of your property, so you should act.

Noise is not only annoying, it can make in the long run even sick. Therefore soundproof doors are worth considering. By multilayer door leaves that are perfectly fitted into the frame and additional seals come so no street noise in the house. Fear is not always a bad counselor. Tests have shown that they can break most doors with commercially available tools. Burglar-proof doors with sturdy door leaf, safety fittings and -locks prevent this. Safety glass increases the burglar protection even further.

Replace the seal – small effort, big effect

Time leaves its mark on the doors, so that especially plastic models forgiven often. Also hinges and seals wear out continuously. This results in so-called thermal bridges, ie areas passes through the heat to the outside. Not only exterior doors, but also interior doors should be well insulated, so that does not escape as through the porch door heat in the unheated stairway.

The good news: Not every door needs to be replaced. Often met a renewed seal the desired effect. Pamper yourself in the particular case when deciding by a professional help. We will advise you and make contact with a craftsman from your region here.

Thermo curtain for doors – for an interim solution in winter

A thermal curtain is another cost-effective and simple additional measure for the thermal insulation of doors and windows. It is mounted from the inside, helping to reduce heating costs. Most thermal curtains are made of chenille, but also woolens and loden are suitable. The fabric should be two to three times the width as wide as the door and lie in the length of an inch on the ground, so that a sufficient insulation effect is achieved. Bright colors look friendly, red and orange tones provide a cozy atmosphere.

However, a thermal curtain is not a permanent alternative to adequate insulation of doors and windows.

Doors painting – tips and tricks

Small flaws, quirks of moving and rough wear on room doors are annoying and affect the atmosphere of a room. Fortunately there is often a new paint job and they are like new. The steps can be roughly divided:

Preparation: Scrolls the paint off already, he should be removed completely. Otherwise, it is sufficient to roughen the surface. Observe the dust.

Bolstering: Remove dust and dirt until thoroughly. Then touch up the small bumps with paint scraper.

Priming: Apply a thin layer primer with a paint brush and allow it to dry.

Painting: Using Paint roller in several thin layers. Let dry in between and it will be good to go!